Breast Lift

Breast lift, or mastopexyis a surgery in which the breasts are lifted and tightened, and excess sagging skin is removed, recreating the appearance of firm, youthful breasts.
Many women find that, due to aging or childbirth, their breasts have begun to sag, losing their elasticity and firmness, a condition also known as ptosis. A breast lift reverses this damage, essentially turning back the clock and recreating the appearance of ‘perky’ young breasts.
Depending on the specific problems to be addressed, a breast lift procedure may consist of discrete procedures that tighten skin to eliminate the sagging effect, reduce the size of the areola (the dark area of skin surrounding the nipple), and move the nipple higher up on the breast. In some cases, when there has been significant loss of breast tissue, a breast augmentation can be performed simultaneously with the breast lift.

What does a Breast Lift Involve?
In most breast lift procedures, the surgeon removes the excess skin that creates the sagging appearance, then raises the nipple , creating the appearance of a more youthful breast. The skin surrounding the areola is brought down and together to reshape the breast.
The breast lift surgical procedure usually takes one and a half to two hours. The incision goes around the area where skin will be removed, thus defining how the nipple will be> The breast lift procedure may be performed under general anesthesia or, in some more minor procedures, with local anesthesia and sedation. .
If the patient is having an implant inserted along with the breast lift, the implant will be placed in a pocket directly under the breast tissue.

As with most operations recovery requires 10 days of limited activity. Patients can usually return to work after this, and they may gradually increase their level of activity between 2- 4 weeks