Dr: Mohamed Farag Mahmoud Ahmed

MB,Bch. Excellent with honor, Ain Shams University,Dec.,1991.
M Sc.,General surgery,(excellent) May,1996.
MD, plastic and reconstructive surgery Nov.,2002.
Title of master thesis : “Methods of Hypospadias Repair”.
Title of MD thesis : ” Evaluation of Bone Distraction as a Treatment Modality For Facial Skeletal Deformities “.

Special Interests:
1) Aesthetic Surgery. (cosmetic surgery)
2) Maxillofacial Surgery.
3) Pediatric Plastic Surgery.
4) Microvascular Surgery.

Experiences & Jobs:
* House officer in Ain Shams University hospitals: 3/1992 : 2/1993.
* Resident in general & vascular surgery, in Ain Shams University hospitals: 4/1993 to 8/1994.
* Resident in Plastic Surgery Department &Burn Unit, Ain Shams University hospitals: 8/1994 to 5/1996.
* Assistant Lecturer in Plastic Surgery &Burns, Ain Shams University: 6/1996 to 2/2003.
* Unit director of the plastic surgery department, Al Demerdash hospital, of Ain Shams University: 6/2000 to 3/2002.
* Lecturer in plastic surgery department, Ain Shams University: from 2/2003 until 2/2008.
* Unit director of the plastic surgery unit, Ain Shams University Specialized Hospital: 1/2005 to 31/12/2005.
* Consultant and Unit director of Plastic Surgery unit Al Sheikh Zaied Specialized hospital, Ministry of health, Cairo: from 1/2003. to 1/2007.
* Ass. Professor of plastic surgery, Ain Shams University: starting from 27/2/2008.
* Professor of plastic surgery, Ain Shams University since February, 2013 until now.
* Private practice of aesthetic surgery since 1999.
* Ass. Professor of plastic surgery, in Al Battergi Medical College, Jeddah K.S.A. in 2010 and 2011.

Other Private Jobs:
* On call, and referring consultant of many aesthetic surgery private centers in Cairo e.g Saeed Korrah hospital, Al Golf Specialized hospital.
* Director of an aesthetic surgery center (Sandra), from 7/1998 to 7/2000.
* Referring consultant of plastic surgery for:
Ain Shams Univ. Specialized Hospital, Dar Al Foad Hospital, Al Sheikh Zaied Hospital, and others.
Consultant in the Professionals Cosmetic Surgery Center, Al Nakheel center, Jeddah. K.S.A. from 10/2005, until now.

Personal Talents:
Special experience in advertising for esthetic surgery, to the level of media and many satellite channels.
Presentable, and convincing.

Training abroad:
In the field of cranio- maxillofacial and aesthetic surgery, in the University of National Autonoma, Hospital General Dr. Gea Gonzalez, Mexico City in 1999.

* Active Member in the Egyptian Society of plastic and reconstructive surgery since 2003.
* Active member, and elected as board member in Saudi society of plastic and reconstructive surgeons since October 2009.
* Candidate international member in the American society of aesthetic plastic surgery(ASAPS) since 4/2004.
* Member of the society of the friends of burned patients.
* Active member of international society of aesthetic plastic surgery (ISAPS) since 2012.

International Activities:
* Regular attendance of the international conference of plastic and aesthetic surgery.
* Regular attendance of the annual meetings of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Publications, and Researches:
1- Assessment of distracted bone tolerance to mechanical stress, an experimental study on rabbit’s mandible. Journal of ESPRS, vol.29,(2),July2005,pb89.
2- Distraction histiogenesis for correction of long standing flexion deformities of the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint of the hand. Journal of ESPRS, vol.31,(1),2007.p 1-5.
3 – N- modification of the transcolumellar incision as a trial to conceal the resulting scar in open rhinoplasty. Journal of ESPRS, vol.31(2),2007.p197-200.
4- Combination of liposuction and excisional surgery as a standardized minimal scarring technique for gynecomastia: experience with 150 cases. Journal of ESPRS, vol.31,(2),July 2007,p201-5.
5- Reconsrtuction of the hand and forearm defects by abdominal thin skin flaps. Journal of ESPRS, vol.31,(2),July 2007, p181-185.
6 -Effect of depth of early burn wound excision on the alteration of immunological profile in severe burns. Accepted for publication, Egyptian Journal of PRS.
7- Unifying the surgical approach when using two different procedures in asymmetric breasts, Does it worth? . Journal of ESPRS, vol.32,(1),January 2008.
8- Modified vertical dome division versus standard tip refinement technique, a comparative retrospective study. Journal of ESPRS, vol.32,(1),January 2008.
9-Staged Division of Cross-Leg Flap to Enhance Flap Viability by Increasing its Contact with the Reconstructed Bed. Egyptian Journal of plastic and reconstructive surgery Vol. 34 No. 1 (49-54), January 2010.
10- Subfascial Breast Augmentation: Review of a 2-Year Experience with 100 Cases. Egyptian Journal of plastic and reconstructive surgery Volume 35, No 1, 41-46, January 2011.
11-Structure Rhinoplasty of the Long Nose. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Vol 35 (5): 839-846, 2011.
12- A Novel Technique for Correction of Bottoming Out following Inferior Pedicle Breast Reduction. Summer annual meeting of the ESPRS, Alex. September,2012.
13- Technical Considerations in Abdominoplasty of Huge Abdomen. American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery Vol. 29, No. (4),2012.
14– Monitoring the Level of Micro-albuminurea as a Prognostic Test in Severe Burns. Accepted for publication in Journal of ESPRS, May 2012.
15- Maximizing Aesthetic Outcome in Breast Reduction by Three Crescentic Parenchymatous Excision: A Modification in Superomedial/Vertical Technique . Accepted for publication in Journal of ESPRS, May 2012.

Continuous Medical Education:
Regular attendance of the local, national and international conferences and instructional courses and workshops organized by Egyptian society of plastic and reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery department , Ain Shams University, Maxillofacial surgery, Alexandria University, Plastic Surgery unit Cairo University, Microsurgery unit Zagazig University Middle east society of burn and fire disasters, and A.O.society., starting from October,1994, till January 2008.

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