Dermal Fillers

Full lips, high, plump cheeks and curvy facial contours are no longer attributes you must be born with in order to have. A good dermal filler done by a professional and experienced dermatologist can easily – and safely – give you the voluptuous facial features you’ve always wanted or have lost with age..
The substance used in dermal fillers is called Hyaluronic Acid and has often been described as “the fountain of youth” due to its anti-aging effects on the skin. It is a gel-like water holding molecule that acts as a space filler and cushioning agent in all mammals. Its natural existence in the body cushions joints and nerves, hydrates skin and hair, and fills the eye.
Commonly known as “liquid facelifts”, dermal fillers are the simple, non-surgical procedure to go for when it comes to a more youthful, relaxed and sensual look. They give you the benefits of a surgical facelift with none of the downsides.
You may also want to consider Botox® and Dermaroller Therapy if you seek a more youthful and relaxed look. The three treatments combined complement each other and completely rejuvenate your skin.